Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What worked for me/you works for you/me

Many of reactions I received when I posted my method, was:
"what worked for you, may not work for others"

In essence, it is a pure excuse to continue eating pizza, because if Fatty acids, for example are a value to any human being or omega-3 or any other nutrition, why for one person flax seed is good, and for another, ice cream would do the job? pure nonsense!
what could be is, that we ruined our body so badly that it refuses to intake any good fruits, it will only accept a big juicy burger.

of-course the way it worked for me may not work for you, because take in consideration,
age, length of having psoriasis, eating habits, weight, overall health, & and many more factors.
But DON'T tell me that one human is different from another when it comes to nutrition, we all need the same

vitamins, enzymes etc.

DON'T give any excuses.
DON'T fool yourself that one day a miracle pill will be available.
DON'T keep on with intake of toxins.

what's good for me is good for you. you might need a greater effort or a stronger will power, you might need a longer time-frame to see results, and very possible that you will need an extra dose of excersie.
I'll be Back !